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Happiness is the key to healthy living! At Berwick Royal Oak, we make happiness our top priority. At Berwick Royal Oak, we offer activities to stimulate the mind, body and spirit and keep our residents connected by engaging with the community.

“There is a real sense of ongoing independence here. Some places talk about it, but it’s really happening here. My parents have choices, they can live their own lives, but have the help that they want.”

- Family Member

“Berwick is home for my mother. It’s everything that she could possibly want. It has everything she wants and stuff that she didn’t even know she wanted.”

- Family Member

“Our difference is all around treating residents with respect, really getting to know them individually and tailoring to their needs.”

- Staff Member

“The big thing here is the staff. The waiters and waitresses – they are so good with elderly people. They are so patient. The staff are so marvelous. It’s not like you are institutional, they are so warm with you. You’re not a number sitting at a table at all. It’s just not like that here.”

- Resident

“This staff here is just fabulous. Fabulous. If there is a heaven on the planet, then I’m sitting in it. I tell people that are visiting or touring here, ‘If you join us, you’ll never regret it.’”

- Resident

“All of a sudden, here, we have this great big family.”

- Resident

“One thing that I have appreciated with Berwick as a family member is how open and approachable they are; how much they listen to feedback, and are willing to listen to feedback. Listening to individual needs and sitting down with us, and talking about our parents, and what their individual needs are.”

- Family Member

“Just as an example: we are having family here for a family celebration and we were looking at the wine list, and [a staff member] said ‘Mr. Denford suggests that you try this wine – it’s his favourite, and if you like that, you can have it for the same price as the next one we were going to go for that was less expensive.’ You know, you don’t get that very often – personalized service like that.”

- Resident

“The residents know that they are listened to, and their opinion matters.”

- Contractor



The Berwick Community

Berwick Retirement Communities are designed to embrace community and friendship. Both the architecture of our residences and the landscaping of the Berwick grounds are meticulously constructed to provide comfortable common areas that naturally inspire a sense of community.

Whether you join one another in one of our many indoor amenities or enjoy some fresh air while enjoying the outdoor spaces and beautiful gardens, Berwick Royal Oak welcome residents, friends, family and staff to take part in our culture of caring.

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