My Purposeful Life with Lael Popham – A Resident Blog Series

My Purposeful Life – A resident blog series on intentional living at any age.

In honour of Active Aging Week last week, we met with 8 incredible people who reside across all Berwick’s and spoke with them about the importance of continuing to life a life of purpose as we age. Lael is a major contributor and volunteer member at Berwick Comox Valley & her greater community. Lael approaches everything with a spirit of service and from what we have learned, it has transformed her life and made it much more meaningful and fulfilling.

What does living a life of purpose mean to you?

Living a life of purpose, to me, means volunteering.  My parents were volunteers, my mother throughout her whole life, and I learned early on what a meaningful yet fun way of serving my community really means.  

What are you most looking forward to in 2024?

During 2024 I would love to take a bicycle tour.  David and I did many bicycle trips, mainly on our own but a couple with tours, and that feeling of zipping down hills, accomplishing a steep hill, and then recounting adventures during a group dinner is just pure fun.  

What do you still want to learn?
Learning is a passion and although I’ve slowed down a lot I still pursue many opportunities.  I’m looking forward to taking Elizabeth’s course on the Roots of Religion.  Religion is an area I’ve avoided most of my adult life mainly because I felt it was dull and full of dogma.

If you could choose to do anything, right now, what would bring you the most happiness or pleasure?

The most happiness I could achieve right now is to have David back.  However, since that is impossible I would love to continue treating my grandchildren to either paying for part of their university education or to taking them on trips to exotic places like India….which I am doing in a couple of weeks.

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