Berwick Qualicum Beach Wins ICAA NuStep Award as “Best in Wellness” & ICAA Spirit Award

Berwick Qualicum Beach received the ICAA Best in Wellness award AND the ICAA Active Aging Spirit Award ! We could not be prouder of this small and mighty community. These awards honor 25 senior living communities across North America and whose achievements, innovations, directions or commitments in wellness stand out as extraordinary guiding lights for all organizations and individuals in the active-aging industry. The Active Aging Week Spirit Award recognizes organizations that challenge perceptions of aging, and will be featured in the Journal on Active Aging. 

“We appreciate that the residents in our community trust us and help us create incredible purposeful programs.  I never would have thought we would make music videos, publish a book, write a biannual magazine or start a 20 person ukulele band!  We love to support people to live their best lives.” says Active Living Manager Laurel Wright. 

 The ICAA NuStep Beacon and Pinnacle Awards recognize senior living communities and CEOs that are committed to fostering an environment that embraces wellness as a way of life. Using the dimensions of wellness as a foundation, these organizations and leaders partner with residents, members and staff to intentionally create relevant, meaningful opportunities that empower individuals to live better longer.

“Our team feels lucky and proud to be a part of this vibrant community that we have helped to facilitate through intentional, organic, resident driven and age defying programming. We love when we get to share our vibe and our victories with the larger community,” says Active Living Coordinator Denene Derksen.

“Our entire team, from leadership to each community’s team members, is invested in making Berwick a great place to work and live, and we welcome ideas and feedback from residents. We encourage residents to take ownership of their communities by developing and leading programs, taking advantage of available resources, and sharing their invaluable perspective with us. Flexibility is important to us: our communities aren’t static but adapt to residents’ ever-evolving interests and desires.” says Lesley Sikorski, Director of Sales, Marketing & Internal Community Engagement. 

Residents living self-directed lives and having access to wellness programming rooted in the Seven Dimensions of Wellness can make a significant difference in health, longevity and well-being. It’s part of the Berwick Way, which is our company philosophy and way of being. It speaks to how we honour people and recognize each person’s unique story, gifts, interests, and goals. It reflects our belief that every age holds opportunities for discovery, adventure, and connection, and that our responsibility is to empower those around us—Berwick residents and team members alike—to embrace their fullest, most meaningful life.



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