Best Practice

The Best Senior Care in BC

Perhaps most important, local ownership means better service, quicker response times on key decisions and a collective sense of pride and independence that allows for innovation and careful attention to our happy, friendly and empowering communities.

We Care

We Care

Local ownership makes it easy to provide personalized service. We have cultivated a culture of better listeners and residents know their opinions count because we have a proven track record of making positive change based upon community input. At Berwick Retirement Communities, each and every member of our team is personally invested in the community because we truly care about creating a culture of compassion, comfort and caring.

Quality of Life

Elevating Quality of Life for BC Seniors Since 1989

Father and son, Chris and Gordon Denford have been actively involved in both the business operation and day to day activities of their Berwick Retirement Communities since doors first opened at Berwick House in 1989. You will often see their smiling faces sitting down for a meal and a laugh with residents or engaging with staff and the community at large.


Build Your Next Friendships at Berwick Retirement Communities

Often times, as we advance in years, we find our circle of friends diminishing. At Berwick Retirement Communities, the open, friendly, engaging and accommodating atmosphere helps residents to forge new friendships effortlessly, enhancing life with a revitalized social life and encouraging personal growth and fulfillment.


Friendly Atmosphere

All around staff and residents agree.  Berwick Retirement Communities stand apart because here, everyone is family. Our core spirit of inclusion extends to every aspect of care and shines through the countless smiles you’ll see when you visit any Berwick Retirement Community.