Berwick Sets the stage for Creativity, Fitness and Social Connection

What does it feel like to live in a Berwick? 

It’s a little like getting the corner piece of a delicious cake, or a front-row seat for your favourite concert. Berwick Retirement Communities offer extraordinary living in beautiful destinations, so to experience it from a thoughtfully designed residence with tranquil outdoor living spaces and great views is just the cherry on top.

Berwick’s signature amenities are meticulously designed and maximized to ensure residents can live their best lives and stay resilient. At a Berwick, you’ll find residents participating in all sorts of activities including yoga, ball-drumming, educational lectures, virtual bridge, inter-generational zoom meetings, gardening, writing books, balcony dancing, filming rock music videos… and so much more. 

With the recent pandemic, our residents have opened their minds to new technology and are finding unique ways to still enjoy their favourite pastimes. They are learning to adapt to this new normal through learning new things and staying mentally and physically stimulated through modified and new activities.

Berwick Retirement Communities offers all inclusive retirement living for active, independent seniors looking to maximize what life has to offer! 

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