“I can’t wait to move into the new Berwick Parksville” – A letter from a future Resident


If you had told me two years ago, I would be beyond excited about moving into the new Berwick Parksville, I would not have believed you. As we all know, the world we know changed two years ago and I went from chairing the Events Committee for Newcomers to nothing. I was due to graduate in April 2020 and had various activities lined up, but Covid decided otherwise. I love the people in my bubble and my cat is great company, but not the best conversationalist! As a single person, I grew tired of cooking for myself and suddenly, perhaps Berwick would be the way to go.
I was intrigued by the idea of living somewhere brand new, as I have never experienced that and to be able to have company, activities, and good food I don’t have to prepare or clean up after…. maybe why I like cruising so much?

Just to be sure, I checked out a couple of places in Nanaimo but really want to stay in this area where friends and any professionals are, plus everything is walking distance or there is the option of the Berwick Town Car. I also noticed that most of the residents in Nanaimo were quite a bit older and the age demographic was one of the first of many questions I had for Corinna. Did you know that the average age for Berwick Parksville is mid to late 70’s? I loved the fact that this is a family-owned company and soon discovered the attention to detail that is a Berwick signature.

One of the first community events that I attended, organized by Corinna, was Art in the Park, here in Parksville with assistance from other Berwick location staff and volunteers from the Oceanside Community Arts Council. Having been a marketer and event planner, I always notice little details, and nothing is overlooked with their hospitality and how the event was run, making us all feel really welcome. I have since attended some of the seminars offered and finally, after waiting forever it seemed (I have little patience!), this week, we put down our deposit, gained our suite number and can see driving by a sign saying I am rented (if you have requested Jensen).

I have taken friends to see the show suite…. please check it out if you haven’t already….and they too are more than impressed by the size of the rooms, décor and again, that attention to detail. Having seen some of the sample menus, I can see myself entertaining my current friends. As an avid arts supporter, I love that there is a theatre and art space, as well as the sporting activities outside plus gym with different classes, all in house! I can’t wait to try it all, even things I haven’t done before.

I hope to be an ambassador to help welcome other new residents as they move in, will I see you there?

Christine Neeter, Future Berwick Parksville Resident