What Can Be Gained from Downsizing!

Are your closets overflowing?  Is the garage or basement full of things you rarely use?

Summer is a great time to rid ourselves of excess we have accumulated and start downsizing.  Why not pass these items on to be repurposed or have a garage sale?

Getting started is often the hard part.  Jaclynn Soet of The Happy Nest, a professional downsizing and relocation company says, “The first step is to create a clear plan.”  Soet’s top tips include:

  • If you are planning to relocate to a smaller footprint, decluttering can begin any time. In fact, sooner the better! Our number one tip for downsizing is to leave yourself plenty of time to make thoughtful decisions.
  • It’s important to postpone dealing with decision making of items that have high sentimental value until you have worked your way up to these items. Start with are items you haven’t used in a while and are generally found in storage areas of the home.
  • Be realistic about the value of items in your home. If you are a homeowner, your home is likely your largest asset.  Focus on helping the home appeal to the greatest number of buyers. This starts with depersonalizing so buyers can envision themselves in the space.
  • Many household items are difficult to sell or donate. Give these items away when possible to prevent them from entering the landfill and incurring unnecessary junk removal costs.
  • Purchase scale appropriate furniture for your new space. If it’s dual purpose – even better!

There is a lot to be said for lightening your load and ridding yourself of excess.  Community Relations Manager at Berwick Royal Oak, Kathy McAree, has been through the downsizing process herself.  After 20 years living in a three level townhouse with a jam-packed garage, she downsized to less than 600 square feet.  “I had accumulated so much and realized that I wasn’t using or didn’t need a great deal of it.  However, the paring down process was arduous.  Memories and attachment to many things made taking action rather difficult.  Of the things that I did convince myself to part with, I often found that there was little value in them to others.  After a trip to the dump, two garage sales and many internet ads, I still had too much to move and I was tired and frustrated.  I wish I’d known about downsizing companies at the time!”

Downsizers can do as little or as much as you would like them to.  If you’re planning a move, you can count on skilled professionals to help you decide what to take, create floor plan options for your new space, hire and manage movers, stage your home to make it ready for sale, and look after all the things you no longer need.

Don and Bobbi Johannessen, who recently moved to Berwick Royal Oak, say, “Leaving our 6000 square foot home we had lived in for 34 years was made easy using a downsizer.  The Happy Nest simplified everything.  They organized, packed, and unpacked so that everything was already in place when we moved in.  Even the packing material and boxes had been taken away.  Our bed was made and clothes were hung.  There was no stress for us at all and their assistance was well worth the price.”

Linda Lord, Community Relations Manager at Berwick House, adds, “Our residents love moving into a suite that is already set up and organized.  On their very first day, they feel like they’ve been living here for ages.  Using a downsizing company provides great comfort and takes much of the stress of moving away.  I would highly recommend it.”

Successful Curious About Berwick Parksville Event!

We had such a successful Curious About Berwick Parksville event at the Bayside Resort Parksville yesterday. There was so much information shared and lots of excitement for those looking to call Berwick Parksville home in 2022! 
Berwick Parksville will offer a luxurious resort-style independent lifestyle set against the majestic beach backdrop of our stunning west coast. The state-of-the-art amenities will help you to live active longer and you’ll enjoy the complete freedom that independent living offers with the confidence and support of the Berwick legacy behind you. Here’s a little sneak preview of this extraordinary community!
For more information, please visit www.berwickparksville.com or email us to register for our next event in August: berwickparksville@berwickrc.com
Visit our Facebook page to see more photos: https://www.facebook.com/berwickrc