Active Aging Week Recap

October 14th, 2020

Active Aging is of foremost importance at our Berwick communities and something we embrace every single day. We believe we are capable of amazing things at any age. We don’t just step outside our comfort zones, we blow past them. We don’t consider the sky to be a limit for our older adults at our Berwick’s, and that’s why we love celebrating Active Aging Week!

Active Aging Week is an annual event held by the International Council on Active Aging that celebrates the ability to live actively at any age and was celebrated October 5-11th, 2020. Our Berwick communities took this week to promote the 6 dimensions of wellness and showcase the important role they play in providing a holistic approach to active aging at all our sites.

What are the 6 dimensions of wellness? Social, physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and vocational. At Berwick we pride ourselves in offering opportunities that are multidimensional and don’t just fall in to one category. Read on to see some examples of the innovative programs that happened at the Berwick’s during Active Aging Week 2020.

Social – Staff & resident dance parties, physically distanced cocktail hours & pub nights, Oktoberfest Celebrations complete with German beer tasting and soft pretzels, and scenic drives with friends

Physical – Spin class, trail walks, bocce, tai chi, yoga, line dancing, strength training, ball drumming and Nordic pole walking

Spiritual – 10 week Alpha Series, mindfulness & meditation, live streamed church service, nature walks and forest bathing

Emotional – Writing memoires, connecting with youth in the community, music appreciation, sing-alongs, and open minded discussion groups on family traditions

Intellectual – Exploring technology, such as App of the month, role playing, creative writing, Minute to Win It games, exploring new languages (American Sign language & Spanish) and Card games such as Bridge, cribbage and sequence

Vocational- Resident volunteers assisting with special event décor, resident run painting, sketching and craft classes, photography club fundraiser, knitting group making handmade hearts for all the Berwick staff and fundraising for the Mustard Seed Food Bank

This year, more than ever, a focus on remaining physically strong, socially connected and emotionally well has been a priority within our communities. Active Aging Week 2020 was a wonderful way to celebrate how our Berwick Communities have adapted to the current global pandemic and continued to thrive by providing an environment that inspires seniors to live actively with a strong mind, body and spirit! 

Check out our Instagram page for more examples of some of the amazing programs that took place during the 2020 Active Aging Week!