Independent, together: Social lives thrive at Berwick!

COVID-19 has forced us all to practice physical distancing, and this time has been particularly isolating for at-risk populations. But that hasn’t stopped the residents of Berwick from having fun.

In the early days residents connected bubble-to-bubble from their suite balconies, dancing to live music performed in the courtyard and performing egg drop science experiments. There was Bird Spy Bingo, Ice Castle building and physically-distanced cocktail hours.There has been physically distanced spin classes, chair yoga, ball drumming flash mobs, music videos, publishing a book and so much more. 

Berwick Qualicum Beach earned internet fame with their KISS music video, and Berwick House followed up with a This Little Light of Mine music video complete with a dextrous solo from a mandolin player in his 90s.

“COVID-19 doesn’t seem to interfere too much with our lifestyle here. We know it’s there and we have to behave ourselves, but we’re well looked after,” says one Berwick resident.

The Berwick Bubble

As the pandemic spread through communities across the country, Berwick residents felt safe and connected inside their social bubble.

“For seniors living on their own, tasks like buying groceries, staying connected and maintaining physical and mental health have become increasingly daunting during the pandemic. But with independent living seniors have access to nutritious meals, activities and social connection without any increased risk,” says Lesley Sikorski with Berwick in Victoria.

Residents have stayed fit with daily Nordic Pole walks , jumping rope in their suites, making choreographed TikTok videos in addition to all the other regular fitness activities and classes. 

“We have arts classes as well — painting Spanish Tiles, watercolour, and writing groups. There are lots of ways for residents to get creative,” King says. “We all planted seeds during Plant Week, and residents are still in competition to see whose plant grows the most!”

Independent, and part of the family

Worried about losing your independence when you move into a suite at Berwick? Sikorski talked to the ‘pros,’ some of Berwick’s proud residents, to see how they felt about the transition.

“I still drive to visit friends and participate in the all the clubs I belong to. PLUS I’ve got a Berwick family that I can go to share a laugh — or a cry!” says one resident.

Berwick offers technology training and support to help residents stay connected to family and friends on video conferencing platforms like Zoom, and the community inside Berwick House adds extra companionship face-to-face.

“From the first day we felt that we were being welcomed into a family. That sounds like a cliché, but I really did feel that.”

Berwick Salutes Dr. Bonnie Henry!

Berwick Residents wanted to salute Dr. Bonnie Henry to showcase their appreciation for just how much Dr. Bonnie Henry and her constituency have done for our entire province during COVID-19. We all agree that she is one marvelous lady and an extraordinary leader. 

Watch the video below and see how much our Residents admire this remarkable woman:

Berwick Sets the stage for Creativity, Fitness and Social Connection

What does it feel like to live in a Berwick? 

It’s a little like getting the corner piece of a delicious cake, or a front-row seat for your favourite concert. Berwick Retirement Communities offer extraordinary living in beautiful destinations, so to experience it from a thoughtfully designed residence with tranquil outdoor living spaces and great views is just the cherry on top.

Berwick’s signature amenities are meticulously designed and maximized to ensure residents can live their best lives and stay resilient. At a Berwick, you’ll find residents participating in all sorts of activities including yoga, ball-drumming, educational lectures, virtual bridge, inter-generational zoom meetings, gardening, writing books, balcony dancing, filming rock music videos… and so much more. 

With the recent pandemic, our residents have opened their minds to new technology and are finding unique ways to still enjoy their favourite pastimes. They are learning to adapt to this new normal through learning new things and staying mentally and physically stimulated through modified and new activities.

Berwick Retirement Communities offers all inclusive retirement living for active, independent seniors looking to maximize what life has to offer!