Berwick House’s SPIN-a-THON in support for Heart & Stroke

Helping others or rallying support for various charitable organizations is part of daily life at any Berwick community, no matter the time of year. So many of our Residents are the driving force behind some of our most successful initiatives and it’s an inspiring movement to be a part of. Judging by the amount the fundraising that goes on at each Berwick monthly, it’s obvious that being of service to others and lending their support to those in need is an important aspect of life at Berwick.

This month, our annual fundraising for the Heart and Stroke Foundation is putting a new innovative ‘SPIN’ on how we’ve approached this in the past. This year, we’re hosting a SPIN-A-THON where Residents and staff can sign up in one of 32 spots to pedal for 30 minutes for Heart & Stroke. Why a Spin-a-Thon? Well, back in the fall, Berwick House introduced a new fitness class to their repertoire of offerings. Berwick Spin Class, modified for seniors. As taking to the stationary bike has been growing in popularity with fitness centers dedicated to just ‘spinning’ popping up in the communities on Vancouver Island, the Berwick House Active Living team felt it would be a fun and innovative activity to offer to the residents as a way to strengthen the body and energize the soul. And it did just that!

So, on February 12th at Berwick House, located on Shelbourne Street in Victoria BC, if you want to support our SPIN-A-THON by sponsoring a Resident or staff member, we welcome the additional support as we focus on raising funds to help those who have been impacted by heart disease and strokes. 8 in 10 cases of premature heart disease and stroke cases are preventable through healthy lifestyle behaviours, which is why we’re incorporating a physical & mentally stimulating exercise component to our fundraising initiatives. Regular activity can help you stay healthier, slow the physical decline of aging, sleep better, reduce stress…. And more. So much more.

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